Financial Services

When looking at a residential investment property having a qualified finance consultant assisting you is equally as important as the property you buy. With lenders being very proactive to get business just the variable rate alone can fluctuate from 0.5% -1% depending on the lender. This can be a huge saving for any home mortgage. A qualified finance consultant can go through your current commitments and payments with you to look at the big picture. Having the right structure for you and your family is very important.

At Investors Property Group we are affiliated with a number of finance specialists who keep up to date with current lending practices and are able to find the best product for you.


  • For some clients it’s as simple as consolidating a car or personal loan into your home mortgage, saving you enough on repayments to use that saving to pay off a second property. Isn’t it is better to have two properties going up in value rather than one.
  • Having a finance consultant helping you on a yearly basis means you have someone there assisting you by doing a checkup on your finances. We all spend time going to the doctor and getting the car serviced, but how often do we check our finances and payments.
  • There are good debts and bad debts. We can show you how to pay out the high interest payments (the bad debts) like credit card and personal loans first which will save you more money on interest each month.
  • Clients sometimes ask me how can having another mortgage on an investment property be a good debt? The answer is if you have tenants rent and your tax deduction paying the majority of your investment property you are only left with the small difference to pay. With the interest rates being so low at the moment this is even more effective. The good debt part is you have the capital growth in the property adding value to your equity and nett worth where with a credit card it isn’t gaining you any equity or value.