About Us


About Us

Investors Property Group are here to help Queensland families reduce these concerns. With good planning, established goals and a positive outlook Investors Property Group will make investing for your future in Queensland much more achievable.

Investors Property Group is structured to assist everyday families to secure a better lifestyle and increase assets for their retirement. We are here for our clients and can offer a wide range of services in finance and property. As the director of Investors Property Group Kelly Foulds has a strong belief in the south east Queensland real estate market and has seen over the last 16 years many outer suburbs flourish and start new satellite cities. If we could turn back the clock we would have all bought 20 acres at Victoria point, Coomera, Caboolture or Ipswich.


We ask our clients the question, how many people do you know that retire well. Do they have enough money to buy the little things in retirement like presents for the grandkids and a good holiday once a year. Those that just live on the pension do it hard. There is never any funds left over and for the first time in their lives they have the time, but now do not have the money to enjoy it.

Property has been able to show many of our clients a new path towards retirement and a way of increasing assets without having to increase the income at work. The market is moving! Imagine if you had two properties going up in value rather than just one. The biggest thing I find with clients buying their first investment property is that they are unsure and a bit scared of the unknown. This is quite normal to feel like that. The benefit you have about dealing with a company like ours is that you have someone to lean on, ask questions and help all the way.

We are here to help you so call now.